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Epic Fail

2 Sep

No post yesterday as it was sufficiently uneventful.  Food wise speaking it was very…bland.

In the morning I had Starbucks Carmel Macchiato.  Which it turns out  I hate.  I am not a huge coffee drinker so it is very rare I branch out and try new things at Starbucks. I usually stick with my good old trusty drinks. Yesterday when I got to Starbucks though they had changed there menu and it caught me by surprise. In a panic stricken moment not knowing what to order as the new menu over whelmed me I ordered the Carmel macchiato. Worse. Decision. Ever.

I did have some banana walnut bread from there which was so deliciously scrumptious it helped me forget the nastiness that is that drink ( which sat on my desk all day and only had one drink taken out of it) For lunch was left over ranch ravioli..delicious!

As an effort to get out of debt (and to stop advancing money, which only makes the efforts to get out of debt nonexistence) I have been putting in lots of extra hours  this week at work. The hopes is that my next paycheck will be big that I will stop the money advancing cylce finally work on building my account so I can start chucking, that’s right chucking, money at my debt.  Because of this by the time I got off work  I was exhausted and not in any shape too cook, or do anything else. So we turned to taco bell. I never feel right after eating there. Just sits very heavy in my stomach. I ordered the three taco meal and had a potato burrito. I only ate 2ish tacos (picked at the second one) and the whole potato burrito which was surprisingly good.  My eyes always tell me I am way hungrier then I really am. All in all I feel like yesterday was a food fail for me. I didn’t do anything and whatever I put in my mouth for the most part wasn’t that great. Today will be better though. I am going to make sugar cookies covered in fondant and possibly some edible glitter. Still up in the air. Actually I should probably make these tomorrow but I will aim for today. They are to start off college football! It is finally here! Then next week NFL!!!!!!!!!!! I love football 🙂

Yesterday I did do one thing right I suppose. I had an interview for another position at the company I work at it. It would be a move up and more money which in the end is what we right and more money equates helping me get out of debt faster correct? I have a good reputation here and I feel fairly certain I will get the job. I feel conflicted though. I know I would be happy there and take it if offered but I can’t help but ponder what do I want to do with my life. I feel like this runs through my mind allot because I will be turning 25 soon and still feel so lost. What I want to do ? I n the end I would like to own a  bakery or cafe or both. I love food it would bring me SUCH happiness. Maybe someday..

I will  update later today with my attempts of  fondant covered sugar cookies or perhaps how in debt I really am. I promise you though it will be along the lines of tasty debt…

Till then make it a great day!


Generic Brand

31 Aug

In this economy everyone is wanting to save money where it’s possible. If you are a broke girl like myself, you are ALWAYS trying to save money. Now there are many things that when it comes to I may be very particular about. Example: jeans. I love abercrombie & fitch jeans.  I am so particular about jeans that they are one of the few places I am willing to buy jeans from. I would rather spend the extra money and have the quality. Not to mention I am short so I need different lengths in jeans. A&F happens to be one place that carries petite jeans. Needless to say with the price that jeans from there run I haven’t bought a pair in quite a while.

What about food though?  What items are we willing to go generic on? I started pondering this as I got ready to crack open this delicious beverage. That’s right, that pop right there is called DOCTOR. Not Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb or Dr. P. It is just straight Doctor. The name alone seems ridiculous  I suppose. You know what though,  it is a great generic version of Dr. Pepper. While it is not exactly the same it is so close that I honestly don’t even notice the difference.  Plus with the price $1 something for a 12 pack you really can’t beat it.

So what items, food wise, are we willing to go generic on? I know, I will not do generic on Mt Dew for example- I have never found a brand that taste even close. I also won’t do generic on toiletries. Most potato chips though I will.

Going generic can be very efficient and a great way to save money, but sometimes you sacrifice quality and taste along with it.

What great or horrible generic food products have you found?