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Hello world!

31 Aug

With this entry the Tasty Debt blog has begun.  If your like me you are probably wondering how the hell can debt be tasty? Well you are right in wondering that because in fact debt is not tasty. It is anything BUT tasty. It is grotesque and can consume you if your not careful.

This blog will focus on my love of food.  I will try new foods, recipes, old recipes things I love and document it here. With this though I will also document my struggles to get out of debt. When I was young, I was dumb and now I am paying (literally!) the price for it. I turn 25 in 6 months. My goal- to put an end to the credit card debt MADNESS!!!!!  I have come to realize I am extremely secretive of my debt and one step to help me get out of debt is to be honest and open about it. So here I am making my debt known publicly. I am hoping for feedback, support and ideas on how to make this debt come to an end.

Welcome to Tasty Debt!